seattle salmon fishing

Seattle Fishing Charter produces a nice Chinook Salmon

Seattle Fishing Charter produces a nice Chinook Salmon

Light tackle mooching for salmon out of Seattle, Washington is what we specialize in. Mooching is a hands on experience where you are actively fishing the entire time, we are different than most Puget Sound Charters in that aspect because most Charters here troll for salmon 100% of the time which is a passive style of fishing where the captain drives the boat and you sit and wait to have a rod handed to you with a fish on it. Mooching you will entice the fish to bite, feel the bite, set the hook and feel the fight of the fish from start to finish. Mooching is great for all skill levels from first-timer to the avid angler you can be a successful moocher. Throughout the year we will utilize other techniques depending fishing conditions; all of our techniques use light tackle creating a memorable while out on the Puget Sound.

Seattle BOTTOM fishing


Our bottom fishing out of Seattle, Washington consists of Lingcod(May1st- June 15th) and flounder, both types of fish use a controlled drift style of fishing where your Captain will drift the boat or hover over certain areas to maximize your fishing opportunities. Lingcod are ferocious ambush feeding fish, when they grab a hold of your bait or lure HANG ON! Lingcod can grow larger in size upwards of 4ft long. Flounder fishing is a great Seattle trip to book for children or if you're looking to have a good day of catching! Our Flounder trips are GUARANTEED catch or your money back, they might not be the biggest fish in the Puget Sound but they sure are good biting fish. 


Chinook(King) Salmon June-August

Coho(Silver) Salmon June, September-November

Chum(Keta) Salmon October-November

Winter Chinook Salmon(Blackmouth) November-April

Lingcod May-June 15th

All Seasons subject to change; Dependent on Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife season setting. Call for current fishing seasons

Sightseeing on the Puget sound


Fishing isn't your thing? no problem. Join us for a sightseeing tour where you have the chance to see the city of Seattle from the water, the view is definitely better! You will have the chance to encounter wildlife such as seals, otters, whales( Orca, Mink, and humpback), and eagles are just a few of the surprises we see on occasion. The Puget Sound has a lot to offer away from just the wildlife. The amazing views of the nearby islands, landscape and my personal favorite the different mountains that can be seen on a clear day from the Puget Sound will leave you speechless.  We can run custom trips with more flexibility based on your preferences and needs, minimum of 4 hours.