Seattle Lingcod Season

Puget Sound Lingcod in Seattle

 When April showers bring light to May flowers it is time to start thinking about Puget Sound Lingcod. May 1st marks the opening day of lingcod fishing in the sound. Chasing these toothy fish right outside of downtown Seattle is a fan favorite. Seattle fishing normally results in silvery chrome fish, these brown sometimes teal blue tinged fish come up from the depths looking almost prehistoric! While chasing lingcod in the Seattle area we use a variety of techniques from Live bait to soft plastic swim baits trying to entice a strike from these ferocious fish.


Chasing lingcod is yet another active style of fishing where you will be “working” your baits/lures over structures. Lingcod habitat is near rocky structure with many pinnacles to create cover for the lingcod to hide and ambush their prey. Loosing gear is pretty typical while fishing for lingcod in many cases if you are not loosing gear in the rocky structures you are not fishing lingcod effectively. Come out and chase these fish with us!  


Get ahold of us and book your lingcod trip in Seattle before its too late! These fish are only open for a limited amount of time. Come fish the Puget Sound for lingcod in calm seas without the swells like the ocean. This is a great trip for the individual who gets seasick on high seas. We are fishing a protected body of water(Puget Sound) where you do not see any swells.